Yousefabad, Tehran

Vibratory Drive Units

Excellent tooling technology through long years of experience

Parts feeders are simple devices comprised of leaf springs, electromagnets, the vibratory vessel and various other parts. Their main functions are to align and feed parts in manufacturing and assembly processes–critical tasks in today's increasingly diversified and technologically complex production systems. For improved production efficiency, parts feeders must be both faster and more reliable.

To meet these demands, NTN has developed the following four series of vibratory drive units, each of which is designed for different applications, depending on the size and material of work pieces.


HF-series bowl feeders can smoothly feed miniature and low profile parts at high speed through an F-series horizontal drive running at high-frequency via a variable frequency controller. Use in conjunction with HS-series.


K-series bowl feeders are intended for small parts, including electronic components. Simple, open construction and well thought out spring mechanism design allow precise and stable vibration for long periods of time.


The N-series are Tisec's most representative bowl feeders featuring stable operation and high durability by incorporating a traditional isolated bottom and horizontal drive. The new N32 model has been added to expand the N-series range


G-series are powerful bowl feeders for large and heavy work pieces. This series of feeders includes the G50 and the more powerful G63.