Yousefabad, Tehran


Excellent tooling technology through long years of experience

Tisec has developed the following three series of bowls for different applications.

Conical Bowls

Suitable for aligning and feeding minute parts

  • - Precision machined tracks

  • - Selection of bowl shapes for different applications

  • - NC tooling is possible

  • - Machined inside surface.

Stepped Bowls

Suitable for foods and medicine

  • - All tracks surfaces can be smooth-finished for complete discharge of minute components.

  • - A virtually non-stick bowl

  • - Unfinished stainless steel surface inside the bowl

Cylindrical Bowls

Suitable for special applications

  • - Uniform circumference permits easy installation of attachments.

  • - Longer, more complex attachments than for cascade bowl can be used

  • - Easy incorporation of recycling tracks (smooth recycling is possible by returning work pieces to the bottom of the bowl and guiding them to below the first tracks)

  • - Untreated, as-rolled stainless steel surface inside the bowl