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Control Devices

Excellent tooling technology through long years of experience

With nak-controlers you can exactly set - combined with a light barrier or an initiator - the feeding performance and the buffer capacities of helix and linear feeders.

The elctronic controlers of the model line RG are employed for the infinitely variable regulation of inductive charges like helix feeders, linear feeders and bunkers and operate according to the phase angle principle.

The adjustment of the feeding performance is obtained by the adjusting of the magnetic potential through the set-value-potentiometer, that is built into the caselid. The control curve of the set-value-voltage can be limited with 2 trim-pots, so that always the complete rotation angle of the set-value-potentiometer can be exploited.

Control inputs permit the switching-on or switchingoff of the appliance by other systems, that offer a switched voltage of +24 DC (e.g. a SPS). This input operates internally on the ignition impulses. Should the appliance start, the ignition impulses are run up by the boosting-time-ramp. Should the appliance stop, the ignition impulses are driven back by the flyback-time-ramp.

By way of 2 jumpers on the board this function can be inverted.


typ RG 1 RG 2 RG 3
linear feeder
helix feeder
light barrier (24V)
initiator (24V)
working voltage 230V/50Hz
working voltage 115V/60Hz
frequency 25/50 Hz 25/50 Hz 20-70 Hz
optical coupler input invertible