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Surtronic Duo Surface Roughness Tester

Handheld Digital Surface Roughness Measurement Tester

Surtronic Duo II handheld surface roughness measurement tester/meter is widely used for shop floor, industrial & inspection room applications. The Surtronic Duo II can be used to assess flooring safety and for flooring manufacturers to control roughness in their manufacturing processes. It is reliable, durable, fast and easy to use and requires very little training. Surtronic Duo II digital surface roughness tester/meter is designed to measure the surface roughness can be utilised in conjunction with the HSE Slips assessment tool software to check flooring roughness. Surtronic surface roughness gauge resolution is 0.01 μm (0.4 μin), roughness standards ISO 4287.

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The Taylor Hobson Surtronic Duo II is superior digital, portable and handheld surface roughness measurement tester that measure multiple surface roughness parameters with a 1-button click. Surface Roughness measurement parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rp, Rv and Rt are displayed on a brightly lit intuitive 2.4" LCD colour display. Its rechargeable battery operation makes it a convenient way of performing fast, easy and precise on-the-spot measurements in almost any environment and surface. 


• Process control – Grinding, milling, turning, honing, polishing, extrusion

• Heavy industry – Shipbuilding, pipelines, sheet steel

• Aerospace – Turbine blades, turbine shafts, wing composites

• Other – Print rollers, flooring, bonding, glass

Surtronic Duo II Roughness Tester Features:

  • Bluetooth technology - Quick, reliable communication between traverse and display/ control unit. 
  • Profile graph - Clear detailed graph showing measurement area – excellent for visually identifying defects. 
  • Separates -  The Duo splits into a display/control unit and traverse unit via a slide and lock mechanism.

   assess flooring safety