Yousefabad, Tehran

Intra Touch

High Resolution, Large Range Surface Finish, Form & Contour Measurement Tester

Housed in a rugged enclosure, the Intra has a proven history of maintaining accuracy of measurement without the need for constant maintenance or support. Quality, flexibility and ease-of-use have enabled the Intra become a shop-floor standard across a wealth of different industries.

Intra Touch is a surface finish (surface roughness), form and contour measuring tool/tester and it is a perfect choice for shop floor applications. It combines industry leading specification with simplicity of operation for unbeatable practicality and value.

Intra Touch features and benefits

This head leads the industry with up to 2 mm (0.08 in) of range and an outstanding range to resolution ratio of 262,144:1.

1 mm Stylus - Range / resolution
1 mm / 4 nm (0.04 in / 0.16 μin)
0.2 mm / 0.8 nm (0.008 in / 0.03 μin)

2 mm Stylus - Range / resolution
2 mm / 8 nm (0.08 in / 0.31 μin)
0.4 mm / 1.6 nm (0.016 in / 0.06 μin)

Delivers form, contour as well as surface finish measurement capability for precision metal forming and other applications.
The 50mm horizontal traverse is ideal for most shop floor applications. The unit combines both accuracy and portability.

0.20um / 20mm straightness error
The high accuracy traverse datum makes possible skidless measurement of waviness, form and contour, even on large components.

0.5um horizontal data spacing
Small components and features can be measured more effectively than ever before. Reduced run-up and run-down length further improve usability.
Manual column

For large or tall components, the available manual column provides a stable, dedicated work station for improved throughput.