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Form Talysurf® PGI NOVUS

Advanced Surface Finish, Contour, 3D & Diameter Measuring Equipment

Taylor Hobson’s Form Talysurf PGI NOVUS is the most advanced system for surface finish, contour, 3D and diameter measurement, delivering unique benefits for both design and production. This instrument is designed with class leading 20 mm gauge range with 0.2nm resolution with the capability to measure surface finish (roughness, form, waviness) diameter, included angle, in a normal and inverted direction with the same speed and accuracy.

This system is an ideal solution for bearings, injectors and precision component manufacturers. Get instant measurement analysis feedback like surface finish, contour and topography with Metrology 4.0 software.

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Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf CNC Series is a versatile, high range, high resolution, automated surface finish, form and contour measurement instrument. While the use of highly automated manufacturing systems in automotive production is well established, quality control has remained a manual process. The arrival of the Form Talysurf® CNC Series for automated quality control will change that.

The system can be programmed to your individual requirements for analysis of crankshafts, heads, blocks, gear box casings and much more.

The Form Talysurf® CNC Series is supplied with Taylor Hobson's Q-Link production interface, software that meets the Industry 4.0 philosophy. Q-Link is designed for shop floor environments and provides direct communication with SPC software which delivers feedback to your manufacturing process.

Form Talysurf CNC Series System Benefits and Features: 

  • Cycle times are greatly reduced 

        - Up to 8 axes of motion

  • High accuracy gauge 

       - World-leading 5 mm gauge with 0.4 nm resolution

  • Temperature compensation 

       - Ensures consistent system performance and high measurement integrity, regardless of environmental effects

  • Fully automated measurement

       - With evaluation and SPC analysis

  • Simple user friendly interface

       - I deal for programming and analysis

  • Customisable fixtures and workholdings

  - Part identification using RFID and barcodes

  • 1.5 metre granite base for workpieces

        - Up to 400 mm in size and weight up to 150 kg*

  • Robust measurement solution

        - Suitable for all environments