Yousefabad, Tehran

Talyrond 500HS

Roundness Tester for Harmonic Analysis, Roundness, Contour & Surface Roughness Measurement

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The Talyrond® 500HS roundness tester/instrument is a world leader in speed, position control and accuracy and has the lowest noise floor of any instrument of its kind. These characteristics combined with the systems unique gauge capability enable measurement of roundness, roughness and contour from a single metrology platform. 

  • Complete automation of multi-part measurement, provides cost effective, high volume throughput

  • Reproducible measurement results

  • Q-Link Production Interface

  • Full traceability to international standards

The Talyrond® 500HS is the number one choice for manufactures of precision components including bearings, lens moulds, fuel injectors and much more...

  • Bearings:  Harmonic analysis, Tilt and form error to axis, Roundness

  • Medical:  Roundness, form & radius analysis

  • Fuel injectors:  Angle and distance, surface finish, Roundness

  • Lens moulds:  Surface finish, Parallelism, Cylindricity

  • Camera phone lens holders:  Parallelism, Roundness