Yousefabad, Tehran

TALYScan 280

Talyscan-280 Non-contact Roundness Tester for straightness, parallelism, surface roughness & diameter Measurement

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The TALYScan 280 is a non-contact roundness measuring machine, ideal instrument for the inspection of roundness, straightness, parallelism, taper, surface roughness and diameter, all from a single full 3D scan.
The system is designed to deliver high accuracy measurements of injectors, hydraulic components, lens barrels, roller bearings, precision bores, precision and thin walled cylinders.

The TALYScan 280 is easy to setup and program with powerful, intuitive and user-friendly software.

TALYScan 280 Applications: 


  • Measure the complete part in 3D
  • Access very small holes, critical for injectors (not possible with other instruments)
  • Cones and cylinders can be measured in one setup

Hydraulic components

  • A choice of small probes are available for internal measurements
  • Interrupted surfaces can be scanned with clear, defined edges at high speeds

Roller bearings

  • Fast measurements over delicate surfaces
  • Precision cylinders and bores
  • A full 3D scan can be obtained 

Diameter measurement capability

  • The use of a 2 sensor probe to accurately obtain diameter

Thin walled, long cylinders

  • No deformation of thin/long parts