Yousefabad, Tehran

Roundness & Form

Talyrond 595H Range

Talyrond 595H Roundness & Straightness Measuring Equipment

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All axes of the Talyrond 595H have been precision machined and enhanced further with innovative software corrections giving unmatched straightness and roundness accuracies. The centre and levelling table is fitted with high resolution motors enabling accurate and fully automated set-up to defined targets.

The systems Talymin 6 gauge allows measurement down to nanometric level while the automated arm orientation provides unrivalled versatility ensuring access to the most intricate of parts. Integral to the Talyrond 595H are the active anti-vibration mounts provided with an environmental enclosure eliminating external influence and allowing measurement closer to the manufacturing process.

  • - Fully Automated arm attitude/orientation mechanism

  • - Self Calibration of arm, column and spindle

  • - Automated gauge calibration

  • - High precision air bearing spindle +/- 0.01 um

  • - Gauge resolution 0.3 nm

  • - Active anti-vibration and environmental isolation system