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Talyvel 6 Electronic Levels

Taylor Hobson Talyvel6 Flatness, Straightness, Parallelism Measurement Instrument

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Taylor Hobson's Talyvel Electronic Level systems provide versatile and precise measurement of angle, level, flatness and straightness. The Talyvel 6 uses a pendulum transducer and interfaces directly to a touchscreen computer to combine exceptionally high accuracy, stability and repeatability with fast response and operational convenience.


Marine, Bearings, Civil engineering, Astronomical Telescopes.

Applications of Talyvel 6:

Flatness measurement of Granite and cast-iron Surface tables
• Straightness, parallelism, squareness, twist, flatness measurement on machine tools rails.
• Checking the level (the relative deflections in buildings) in the civil engineering and used in the production and assembly of precision machinery (machine tool bed level and to gravity)
• Measuring the twist, alignment, parallelism in marine engineering industry 

Applications include straightness measurement of machine tool guide ways, flatness of surface tables or absolute level of structural supports, Talyvel 6 can also function as a comparator to detect departures from a preset level and non level attitude.

  • - Optional Differential system for comparative measurement

  • - Wireless dongle option with a range of up to 10 metres

  • - High stable pendulum transducers with quick adjustment to gravity or absolute level

  • - High resolution and accuracy of 0.2 secs over central range

  • - Reading in arc seconds or gradient

  • - Software in various languages including Japanese and Chinese