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Roundness & Form

High Precision Roundness

High Precision Roundness Measurement Testers

Talyrond 595H Range

All axes of the Talyrond 595H have been precision machined and enhanced further with innovative software corrections giving unmatched straightness and roundness accuracies. The centre and levelling table is fitted with high resolution motors enabling accurate and fully automated set-up to defined targets.

Talyrond 585H Range

The Talyrond 585H is a fully automated roundness/cylindricity instrument that is unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability, with 6 versions to choose from offering the right balance of automation and capacity for virtually every application. State of the art electronics have allowed full control of all axes with fast and accurate modes allowing the right combination of measurement and movement speed for the most challenging of components.

Talyrond 565H Range

The Talyrond 565H is an extremely popular instrument providing parameters such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness amongst others, the system has been designed for stability and accuracy and consists of a frictionless air bearing spindle mounted within a cast iron base and a precision machined column.

Talyrond 400H Series

The all-new Talyrond 400H roundness instruments use rotary, vertical and horizontal measuring datums to duplicate your machine tool’s movement and exactly reproduce the workpiece shape. This ultra high precision simulation of the cutting tool path enables precise control of your manufacturing process.