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Micro Alignment Telescopes

Micro Alignment Telescope for Alignment and Level Measurement

Technical and Service Support for Alignment Products
For further information visit Spectrum Metrology; approved technical support and service centre for these products.
Visit their website for video demonstrations, applications and further assistance.

Micro Alignment Telescopes with built in optical micrometers

The micro alignment telescope allows the user to set reference lines of sight for applications such as the alignment and measurement of bearings and bores.

Digital Alignment Telescope

A high resolution CCD system with software automatically senses the centre position of the dedicated CCD targets then calculates of displacement from a set datum to ensure a fast set up time with repeatable readings, as well as digitally outputting the result. This is particularly useful on large alignmentprojects such as aircraft jigs or large machine tools since a single operator can make measurements and adjustments along the construction or fixture while the target is displayed on the monitor.

Alignment telescopes without micrometers

Similar to the micro Alignment Telescope without the X and Y micometers, the alignment telescope allows the user to set true lines of sight by utilising the parallelism and co-axiality of its optical to mechanical axis providing alignment axis of 0.05 mm over 30 metres.

Micro Alignment Telescope with CCTV digital camera

CCTV camera and software allows users to select a range of magnification from x2 to x8 for ease of viewing in awkward or long distance applications. The camera adaptor allows fine adjustment for focus and centrality of the image which is viewed using dedicated software on a laptop PC.