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Electronic levels and Clinometers

Flatness, Angle & Straightness Measurement Inclinometers

Technical and Service Support for Alignment Products
For further information visit Spectrum Metrology; approved technical support and service centre for these products.
Visit their website for video demonstrations, applications and further assistance.

Talyvel 6 Electronic Levels

Taylor Hobson’s Talyvel 6 wireless instrument / tool is used for straightness, level, twist, angle, parallelism and surface flatness measurement. Talyvel 6 can be used with the Taylor Hobson optical analysis software package (conforming to international standards BS817, DIN876, ISO8512) to measure the single axis straightness & twist on machine tool rails. This equipment can check level within 0.2 seconds accurately.

TB100 Precision Microptic Clinometer

The TB100 Microptic Clinometer has been designed for simplicity and very high accuracy. The Clinometer uses a precisely divided circular glass scale, mounted on a spindle that rotates in a high quality bearing. At the end of the spindle is a sensitive bubble vial, which acts as a horizontal reference.

Digital Inclinometer

The Digital Inclinometer is a robustly constructed instrument designed for clear simple reading, the system is ideal where precision angle is required over a large range.